The Power of Communication and Technology


Father Cyril Axelrod is an inspiration to humanity.

He is the only recorded Deafblind Priest in history.

His life and faith in God is something that should be shared not only with the Deaf and Deafblind people around the world but with the hearing also. His story is a moving tribute to ‘triumph over adversity’.

However, what many do not realise it that his life story is only the beginning…

He may be Blind, but Fr. Cyril has a vision he wishes to share with the world.

He may be Deaf, but he has words that he desperately wishes to speak and for others to listen to and to work together with him to develop.

Father Cyril Axelrod has a vision of INCLUSIVE COMMUNITIES. Where able and disabled people work and learn from each other through a model of EDUCATIONAL EMPOWERMENT.

Fr. Cyril wishes to challenge the world to hear his call to EMPOWER and LEARN from disabled people. He truly believes disabled people and children are ‘Angels sent from God’ to help us all to learn valuable lessons of unconditional love, trust, hope, faith and inner peace.

However it is only through interacting and empowering these people and children to ‘shine their light on the world’ that we are able to learn these valuable life lessons, which sad to say is happening rarely at this present time.

Fr. Cyril sees his Deafblindness as a blessing and a powerful teaching tool to help others.

Unfortunately until this time only those who knew sign language or deafblind comunication methods have been able to personally access the wisdom of Fr. Cyril and hear what he has to say.

Due to the advances in technology in braille communication devises, Fr. Cyril is now able to use the internet, email and text message services.

It is hoped that through media services such as this blog, Fr. Cyril will be able to have access to anyone who wishes to communicate with him from anywhere in the world, and also a platform in which to share his profound insights and ideas with those that are interested.

It is my hope and prayer that the rest of the world has the honor of knowing and experiencing the profound faith and wisdom that can only come from such a person as Fr. Cyril Axelrod – a true Saint of the 21st century.

Please feel free to leave comments for Fr. Cyril to read and your email address if you wish him to respond.

With much love and blessings

Majella Williams (volunteer personal assistant to Fr. Cyril Axelrod)

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