About Fr. Cyril Axelrod


Father Cyril Axelrod is an inspiration to humanity.

His life story and faith in God is something that needs to be shared not only with the Deaf communities around the world but with the hearing also. His life story is a moving tribute to ‘triumph over adversity’.

However, what many do not realise it that his life story is only the beginning…

He may be Blind, but Fr. Cyril has a vision he wishes to share with the world.

He may be Deaf, but he has words that he desperately wishes to speak and for others to listen to and to work together with him to develop.

Father Cyril Axelrod has a vision of INCLUSIVE COMMUNITIES. Where able and disabled people work and learn from each other through a model of EDUCATIONAL EMPOWERMENT.

Fr. Cyril wishes to challenge the world to hear his call to EMPOWER and LEARN from disabled people. He truly believes disabled people are ‘Angels sent from God’ to help us learn valuable lessons of love, trust, hope, faith and peace. However it is only through interacting and empowering these people that we will learn these valuable life lessons.

Fr. Cyril sees his Deafblindness as a blessing and a powerful teaching tool to help others.

Unfortunately until this time only those who knew sign language or deafblind comunication methods have been able to personally access the wisdom of Fr. Cyril and hear what he has to say.

Due to the advances in technology in braille communication devises, Fr. Cyril is now able to use the internet, email and text message services.

It is hoped that through media services such as this blog, Fr. Cyril will be able to have access to anyone who wishes to communicate with him from anywhere in the world, and a platform in which to share his profound insights and ideas with those that are interested.

It is my hope and prayer that the rest of the world has the honor of knowing and experiencing the profound faith and wisdom that can only come from such a person as Fr. Cyril Axelrod – The only Deafblind Priest in history and a true Saint of the 21st century.

Please feel free to leave comments for Fr. Cyril to read and your email address if you wish him to respond.

With much love and blessings

Majella Williams (volunteer personal assistant to Fr. Cyril Axelrod)

Published on July 26, 2009 at 2:20 pm  Comments (14)  

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  1. Hi Cyril. I hope you are well. I would appreciate if you could share the type of equipment you use to access braille , the Internet etc. I work with some young Deaf Usher users along with Susan O Callaghan from Cork Deaf Association in Ireland. We work alongside the National Council for the Blind. They provide braille services. However, we need knowledge of equipment that can be accessible to Deafblind users. I would appreciate a response.

    Many Thanks
    Veronica White

  2. Hi, i am a very good friend of Fr Cyril and i used to work with him when he lived in Peterborough. I have been trying to get in contact with him for a while, but think i may have his wrong email, and DBUK do not have his details to give me. I would love to get back in contact with him, and so would my family expecially my father. Please could you pass this message on to Fr Cyril, he will remember be.

    Many Thanks

    Mary Kulesza

    • Hello Mary,
      I will pass this message onto Fr. Cyil and do apologise for the lateness of my reply as I have been unable to access this blog for many months until now.
      I do hope you, your father and your family are well?
      wishing you all the best

  3. Dear Fr. Cyril:

    I’ve read your book 生命啟航 and am deeply touched by your perseverance and motivation. Your friend, Paul Ginnivan now in Beijing, sends you his best wishes. He would like to get the English version, so do I. Pls. tell us how we can go about doing that.

    God bless,
    Celina Wong (Mrs.)

  4. Dear Fr. Cyril, you made a huge impression on me when I saw you on a TV programme (I think it was for Deaf people) a few years ago. The programme featured your meeting and blessing from Pope Benedict. Please pray for me Father Cyril, I have not led a good life, though I’m trying to change things, and I need your prayers. I feel you are very close to God. I would love to have a blessing from you one day.

  5. Dear Fr. Cyril and Majella

    I am so inspired by Fr. Cyril that I am going to take part in a local sign language course so that I can communicate in a way other than talking. Please, Father Cyril, add me to your list of prayers. Thank you.

  6. I met Father Axelrodat a United Methodist Deaf congress meeting in Texas about 7 or 8 years ago. He smiled when he met me, a Black Woman, signing Deaf Advocate trying to learn Chinese Sign Language. He suggested that I learn to speak and write Chinese first. Now I am on my 5th language and being introduced to 3 different sign languages. He enjoyed the yarmulke I made for him at dinner that night.I want to meet him again and tell him how he changed my life with his wonderful advice and beautiful spirit.

    • Thankyou for your kind words, I will pass these onto Fr. Cyril and hope you are well. Congratulations on your language studies, that is very impressive indeed! I apologise for the late reply as I have not been able to access this site for a while.
      I pray you are well and have followed the wonderful advice from Fr. Cyril, he is an inspiration indeed. Fr. Cyril does travel to south africa frequently and was there earlier this year doing some mission work for hearing people. Feel free to contact me if you wish to know more about Fr. Cyril’s work in Africa, my email is jellanne@hotmail.com. It is always wonderful to network with link minded people.
      Wishing you all the best
      Majella Williams

  7. Hi Anthony,
    Fr. Cyril lives in London, UK but he travels extensively around the world doing mission work, training and consulting. He hopes to be visiting Sydney Australia this year in August. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me personally. My email is jellanne@hotmail.com.
    Wishing you all the best

  8. Hello!

    he has been an inspiration to me sometimes i pray but i feel like god doesnt hear me. I think desabled are angels from God too. I would love to meet him but is imposible to me i live in Mexico but my teacher paul morgan told me about him he is from GB. I would be greatfull if you send me the information of the book because i really want to read it so i can get it i feel that it will change the way i live

  9. Hi Anthony
    I have read ‘and the journey begins’, and it brings back memories of my brother Mickey du Plessis, who was at school with you at St Vincent School for the deaf in Johannesburg. Mickey always spoke so highly about you. We read about your new book in the Catholic Link, at our church in Port Shepstine, KZN, SA. and had to get it! Its very interesting.
    look forward to hearing from you,
    Patrick du Plessis

  10. Hello Fr. Cyril,
    I have been attending the Novena of Grace recently at St. Matthew’s Parish in Dublin. The main speaker is Fr. Sean Duggan a Redemptorist. Last night he told us a little of your story. I was very moved and touched by your perseverence, strength and courage. This morning when I got to work I googled you and got more information. Having read a little about deafblind, I now realise how important touch is to everyone but in particular to deafblind. Your story has awakened new life in me and how I take so much for granted. I have had many blessings in my life thank God. I have often thought of studying sign language but put it on the long finger (pardon the pun) and am now more determined to do so. Will let you know how it goes. May the Lord continue to bless you in your life and work.
    God bless.
    Kathy Kelly from Ireland. xx

  11. Deear Fr. Cyril. Fr. Larry has shared with me the wonderful news that you have been awrded the OBE. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! i AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU AND PROUD OF YOU. BE BLESSED ALWAYS!

  12. Saw what. happened on Comair,wish to offer my services in Cape Town

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